About Us

JamJaam specializes as a key agent in the international education sector, focusing on finding affordable pathways for students through articulation programs that facilitate admissions and study visa services. Our mission is centered on connecting students with cost-effective opportunities to begin their education in their home country and then transfer to universities in North America, emphasizing both financial savings and educational quality.
We are dedicated to helping students save significantly on their educational expenses, potentially up to $40,000 annually, by getting admission and securing placements in articulation programs. These programs are designed for credit transfer to North American institutions, making higher education more accessible and reducing the financial burden on international students.
Our team expertise underpins our ability to meticulously match students with partner universities that offer articulation agreements suited to their academic goals and financial situations. JamJaam’s service is pivotal in navigating the complexities of international education, providing targeted assistance in the admission process, and securing study visas.
Essentially, JamJaam is a committed agent for international students, offering tailored support and expertise in admissions and visa services to facilitate affordable educational pathways through articulation programs.