Comprehensive Workshop on Canadian Construction Ecosystem, Technology, Sustainability, and Investment (5-9 Feb, 2024)
Comprehensive Workshop on Canadian Construction Ecosystem, Technology, Sustainability, and Investment (5-9 Feb, 2024)
  • Hands-on learning with interactive workshops and site visits.
  • In-person networking with industry experts and professionals.
  • Immersive experience exploring Canada’s construction landscape.
  • Tailored for international professionals.
  • On-site classes and discussions with project managers.

Embark on an enriching journey through an immersive program designed for international professionals like you. Gain valuable insights into the Canadian construction industry, cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and investment opportunities. Engage in interactive workshops, site visits, and networking sessions with industry experts and like-minded peers. Discover Canada’s construction landscape firsthand, tailor your learning experience, and shape a successful future in this dynamic industry.

Day 1: Introduction to Canadian Construction – Trends, Opportunities, and Regulatory (5 Feb, 2024)

– Workshop objectives and welcome
– Overview of Canadian construction industry, market trends, and investment opportunities
– Understanding Canada’s construction regulatory framework and licensing requirements
– Exploring differences between Canadian construction codes and international standards
– Case studies of successful construction projects in Canada with interactive discussions

Day 2: Exploring BIM and Advanced Technologies in Construction (6 Feb, 2024)

– Introduction to BIM and its applications in construction
– Benefits of BIM for planning, design, and construction
– Exploring advanced construction technologies: VR, AR, and drones
– Hands-on demonstrations of BIM software in Canadian projects
– Interactive workshops on BIM implementation and best practices

Day 3: New Innovations in Construction Materials and Sustainability (7 Feb, 2024)

– Introduction to the latest technologies transforming the construction industry
– Exploring innovative construction materials and their applications
– Understanding the impact of sustainable and eco-friendly construction practices
– Hands-on workshops and demonstrations of cutting-edge construction technologies
– Case studies highlighting successful projects utilizing new technologies and materials

Day 4: Sustainable Construction Management in Canada (8 Feb, 2024)

– Updated construction project management principles with a sustainable focus
– Exploration of energy-saving technologies and eco-friendly practices
– Integration of sustainability into projects to minimize environmental impact
– Interactive workshops and discussions with experienced project managers
– Tailored for international professionals in the construction industry

Day 5: Canadian Construction Investment: Opportunities & Risks (9 Feb, 2024)

– Exploring investment opportunities in the Canadian construction industry
– Understanding current trends and market dynamics in construction
– Evaluating risks and returns of investing in Canadian construction projects
– Overview of government incentives and policies for construction investment
– Case studies on successful construction investment strategies

– Introduction to APEGA and its role in regulating engineering in Alberta
– Requirements for professional engineering licensure and APEGA membership benefits
– Engaging in sessions to learn about engineering practices in Canada
– Field visits to construction sites for hands-on learning
– Discussions with project managers and engineers to understand their roles and insights

The workshop welcomes participants from various backgrounds, including:

– Builders, contractors, and tradespeople in construction
– Investors seeking opportunities in the Canadian construction sector
– Property managers responsible for property maintenance
– Engineers specializing in diverse construction disciplines (structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, piping, HVAC)
– Other professionals in the construction industry (architects, designers, project managers, consultants)