JamJaam Privacy Policy

JamJaam Privacy Policy Mission
International Education Platform Inc. which hereafter is referred to as “JamJaam”, “we”, “us” or “our” is committed to protecting the privacy of every “individual”, “private entity”, “public entity”, or “website users”.

Scope of JamJaam Privacy Policy
In this policy wherever used, “FOIP” refers to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This Privacy Policy governs the interaction between us and any user of our website.

Purpose of our Privacy Policy
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to set out the processes through which JamJaam collects, records personal information, uses, manages, analyzes or discloses the collected data or information gathered directly from the individuals and or their interaction with our or the university websites that we present their programs.

The Data Collection Process
The data may be collected during the use of the website, interaction with us within social media, interaction with the universities or third parties which we work with, agents of the website, our current or future partners, communication with us, and enrollment to our programs or request for consultation for any of our programs.

We Use the Data to
We collect these data to improve the functionality of our website, and services, deliver you our marketing services or promotions including our news and tailored recommendations, to inform you on important information regarding your queries such as information related to your enrolment, upcoming events related to the programs you have enrolled or opted to enroll. In addition, we use these data to request you in order to participate in our surveys, customer research, and feedback to improve our services.
We are committed to your privacy
We will not disclose, sell, rent or transact your personal information with others without having your prior consent except when:

  •  You enroll in our programs or request consultation for any of our programs
  •  You sign up to receive our newsletter, recommended programs, consultations, or promotions
  •  In the event of any Legal Requirements, wherever applicable by Canadian and or U.S. law and in response to a legal inquiry and wherever is permitted by applicable Canadian, US or other law, we disclose your personal information in accordance to the standards and guidelines set in FOIP. We take committed to taking precautions and safety measures possible to protect your personal information. In JamJaam we apply, administer and implement reasonable processes in an attempt to protect your personal information. You can modify or update your personal information You have the right to request an update or modification of your personal information that has been previously recorded in our database during your previous interaction with us, subject to the limitations prescribed by FOIP or applicable law. You may contact and submit your formal written request for such modifications. In the event of any such request, we provide you with an acknowledgment of your request and, within a reasonable timeframe, assess and validate your request and process it if it falls within the guidelines and standards set forth in applicable law or FOIP.

JamJaam Privacy Policy version control guidelines From time to time, we may change or update this Privacy Policy in order to provide individuals and users of our websites with the changes that we have applied to the process of the use of personal information. We provide these updated versions on our websites. We encourage all users to refer to the updated Privacy Policies on our website.

You may Contact us For more information about our Privacy Policy, please contact us: hello@jamjaam.com